Building Game Pencil from Source

For starters head over to our GitHub repository and download a .zip file containing Game Pencil’s source. Extract it and then follow the instructions below.


It is recommended to use CodeBlocks to compile Game Pencil although other IDEs should compile the editor just as fine. We do provide our CodeBlocks project file alongside the source so one does not have to worry about makefiles and you see exactly what we see when we code updates for the editor.

C++ Version?

Game Pencil’s current codebase just uses basic C++ 11 and whichever modular system of your choice. . The “toughest part” to compiling Game Pencil is just properly linking and utilizing your Module’s dependencies. Please ntoe, some backend modules may require C++17.


Supported Backend Modules

Build via SDL2 modules

Our quickstart guide to including and building from the cross-platform king that is known as SDL2.

Buidl via raylib modules

Coming soon, planned Q2 2021

Buidl via SFML modules

Coming soon, planned Q3 2021

Buidl via Irrlicht modules

Coming soon, planned Q4 2021

Buidl via OLC:PixelGameEngine modules

Coming soon, planned Q4 2021


Game Pencil Engine is under the wonderful MIT license


When including any module make sure to also adhere to that module’s license. We have only chosen to use libraries and engines with permissive licenses(We don’t believe in using GPL licenses).