Welcome to the official
Game Pencil user manual

Welcome to the official documentation of the Game Pencil Engine, the simple C++ modular game engine. Here you will learn how to get started with the engine, familiarize yourself with it’s design and find more detailed information on it’s classes, functions, variables and the editor. 


We will do our best here to get you acquainted with the engine and editor as well as the different backends involved with Game Pencil Engine. There will be coverage on all types of classes, functions, variables and structs. If you are still unable to find the exact thing you are looking for please let us know via Github or Discord, so we can best help you.

Please review the table of contents below. Please note, with the engine being modular, we will do our best to include documentation on as many modules as possible which are official module or community created modules that are stable. 

1.Getting Started

  • Introduction to Game Pencil Engine
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Editor Guide


  • Setting up Game Pencil.
  • Coding in Game Pencil
  • The gpe namespace
  • The C++ language
  • Engine Classes
  • Engine Functions
  • Engine Variables



  • Community groups
  • Contributing code




  • Front-end modules(These make up the bulk of what Game Pencil Engine does):
    • Audio Modules
    • Cursor Modules
    • Font Modules
    • Input Modules
    • Networking Modules
    • Render Modules
    • Scripting Modules
    • Time Modules
    • Vide Playback Modules
    • Window Modules

5.Documentation License

Creative Commons license

The Game Pencil Engine Documentation is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are free to

  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
  • for any purpose, even commercially.

Under the following terms:

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